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sheep sheering
bags of sheep wool

Bear Creek Sheep Station offers raw wool to spinners. We have a commercial flock made up of crossbreds, several have fine wool with Merino and Corriedale breeding. Each ewe has individual characteristics in her wool. We are happy to send out a small lock of wool as a sample from that fleece. Fleeces are available as a whole or half. 


The fleece has been skirted to remove organic material and irregular wool in order to offer you the cleanest, most uniform product for your project. All of our wool is white, ready to be dyed what ever color you desire. Price for raw, skirted wool is $6.00 per pound, plus shipping costs.


Shearing occurs every year in mid March. A limited number of fleeces are kept back for sale to spinners. Lamb wool is also avaiable upon request. The first shearing from an individual is the softest, most desirable wool for spinning. It is encouraged to contact us early to ensure availability or reserve what you need.


Bear Creek Sheep Station wool availability 715-250-0002

raw wool
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