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Quilt Batts

wool quilting batts
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100% Natural wool batting is locally produced. 

The fleeces are washed, carded, and spun into wool at the Embarrass Carding Mill in Embarrass Wisconsin.

Our 100% natural wool batting is wonderfully soft, and can be used for all kinds of applications. 

Our wool batts are completely pure. No chemical agents, or polyester thermal bonding. Just wool.

• Wool helps keep you dry and regulates temperature  
Wool’s wicking ability keeps you from feeling wet while you sleep and cold when you get out of bed.  Scientists at Polytechnic Institute in Wales tested the effects of wool and other fibers on human beings as they slept. They monitored skin temperature and the temperature and humidity of the air next to the skin. It turns out that wool wicks moisture away from your skin while you sleep, keeping your skin drier than any of the other fibers tested.

Since wool allows moisture to pass through its fibers instead of holding on to it, your blankets aren’t wet or sticky either. Wool fibers breathe, allowing air to circulate instead of trapping it next to your body. This helps to keep your body at the optimal temperature for comfort and rest. Synthetic fibers, down, and even cotton do not breath as well as wool, and they are more likely to trap excess heat in your bed. Wool buffers the extreme cold or hot air on the outside, keeping you in an optimal comfort zone. That's why wool is perfect for bedding year round!


• Wool is flame resistant
Wool is naturally resistant to flames and will not catch fire. Even racecar drivers wear a wool-lined suit to minimize the effects of flames in a crash. Wool the safest choice for bedding materials, for both adults and children.


• Wool is durable and long-lasting
Wool lasts longer than any other natural fiber! Each wool fiber has a coil-spring structure, making it remarkably elastic and resilient. Because it won't degrade as quickly, bedding and clothing made with wool will last much longer than others. Over time wool batting will compress, but much less than batting made of another material. Even when soaking in water, wool retains its warmth and resilience, (springiness). 


• Washable Wool Batting / How to refluff wool batting
All products made from our wool batting are washable. Simply fill bathtub or washing machine(turned off) with warm water, dissolve soap. Let soak for 15 minutes, then spin out or drain water. Repeat without soap to rinse. Do not agitate or bleach! Agitation makes the wool felt, and bleach will ruin the fibers. Line dry, and you're ready.

Please Call, 715-250-0007 

for additional information, or to order!

Our quilting batts are made from the wool of our commercial flock, made up of Corriedale, Dorset, Hampshire, South African Meat Merino, East Friesan, and Oxford breeds. It is clean, hand-washed fiber that has been processed into soft, lightweight, flame retardant, cream colored batting. A nearby carding mill does our processing, using a 100+ year old carding machine.  Occasionally small bits of vegetation may be present in the batts. This will not interfere with quilting.  It is recommended to cover the batt in an envelope of a thin cotton or polyester material, then baste through the layers. This will help prevent fiber migration through the quilt top. Dry cleaning or gentle hand washing of the quilt is best.  Avoid machine washing as it may result in felting of the carded wool.  


















Please Call, 715-250-0007 

for any additional information, or to order!

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