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wool breeding stock

Replacement Ewe Lambs and Rams for Sale

We have developed a crossbred ewe that we expect to be capable of raising triplets on well managed pasture without grain supplementation.  These high producing ewes will mature to 160-175 pounds.  Our goal is to produce a quiet, attentive, heavy milking mother. They are a mixture of East Friesian and Dorset genetics predominantly, with South African Meat Merino or Black Faced Down (Hampshire, Oxford, Shropshire) making up the balance of the genetic background.   About one third of the ewe lambs will descend from a Booroola F+ gene carrier parent, and will therefore have a 50% chance of carrying the Booroola F+ gene which will increase annual lamb drop by an average of one lamb.  Ewe lambs are available after weaning in late summer.  


Contact us at 715-250-0002

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